"Why are we here and even if we know about it, are we really here?" That's VeHaan, in search of the truth. A songwriter, composer, singer, and a soloist. Always intrigued by the eventualities of life, he is trying to find some answers. Though succeeded in getting some, his pursuit is never-ending because of continuous churning of everything around him! The whole lot.

Born in Dhanbad, India he learnt music almost single-handedly. Most of his childhood years were spent in the tribal areas of Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa. His childhood was not that easy as far as knowing about music was concerned. At that time radio was his prime link to the world outside- musically. He enjoyed listening to songs, compositions and was especially attracted to rhythm and harmonies in them. He wanted to know about them- what instruments were being played and how it was all created. Most of his questions remained unanswered.

He went on to study Indian classical music.. He continued his quest for expanding his musical horizons, studied various music forms and listened to artists from around the world. Listening, as he says, has been his best teacher.

Songwriting came almost naturally to him. His songs talk about the basics of life and how we try to deal with them. They reflect happiness, joy, sorrow, pain - their different kinds and the magnanimous presence, in various forms. They talk about everybody's tryst to survive and yet find out the loopholes to celebrate.

He celebrates life through his music. When you hear his songs, they can trigger an array of questions yet will be able to soothe. Sometimes he gives an impression of being a rebel and sometimes he is on a very different platform of being submissive to the worldly matrix.

His music studio, Studio Saat, is based in Hyderabad (www.studiosaat.com). He composes and is involved in various projects. He also does live gigs wherein he plays his original works, both instrumental and songs.

His Instrumental Music is a fusion of World Percussion, Jazz, Electronic and Indian Classical. While playing live, he is on synths, percussions to vocals and digital turn tables! His musical extravaganza- "MAHAMAYA"- a live musical experience is launching soon, with tours worldwide. He is a Master Facilitator for Drum Circles. His organisation Drumberries conducts interactive drumming sessions and Drum circles. he recently facilitated the VadFest Drum Circle where 10,000 school children came together to play the drums. They also sang a song composed by VeHaan towards the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan-#MyCleanIndia- initiated by the Hon'ble PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi.